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Preferred Artwork Submission Procedure: Please e-mail art files as attachments to artdept@galaxyballoon.com and orders@galaxyballoon.com. Send both PO and art files in one email. Put your company name and purchase order number in the subject line. Please provide a contact name and phone number in the body of the message as well as state on your purchase order that artwork was e-mailed. To ensure the accuracy of e-mailed artwork, submit a faxed hard copy with your purchase order or e-mail a .jpg or PDF copy along with your e-mailed art. The art department is not responsible for poor- quality, unreadable artwork or improperly saved files. Artwork will be screened and you will be contacted with art file and/or printing issues. Failure to respond in a timely manner to artwork issues will affect production and delivery schedules.

Acceptable File Formats:AI, .EPS, .CMX, .CDR, .PDF, .PSD, .TIF, & .BMP. Fonts must be converted to outlines and placed images must be embedded. We can also accept mailed CDs, DVDs, and camera ready graphics. Vector artwork is always preferred, but not always necessary. The larger the imprint is going to be, the more critical it is to use a vector file. Raster artwork must a minimum of 300 DPI at actual imprint size.

Art Charges:We offer artwork re-creation services for those who cannot provide high quality or vector art files. Recreations cost $25.00 (F) per file. This will cover 99% of the artwork submitted. Some multi-color artwork and/or extremely complex designs can incur additional charges of $45.00(F) per hour. We will contact you for approval if charges above the $25.00 (F) will be needed. Some low-resolution and very poor quality files cannot be successfully recreated.

Typesetting: The art department can typeset straight-line copy with our available fonts at no charge. If we do not have a requested font we will typeset in a similar font style.

Proofs cost $10.00(F) and must be requested in writing on the purchase order. Please specify on your purchase order whether you would like a fax proof or an e-mail proof, and include the fax number and/or e-mail address. Our standard proof template is sent blind and virtually. Relative size, color, and placement are for general reference only and are not intended to be an exact depiction of the final product. Please check spelling, phone numbers, layout and product information. Proof revisions will be $5.00 (F) each if more than one is required. Galactic Fun Time Line will not be held responsible for final products with proof approvals containing any errors other than print quality or product defect. It is important to approve paper and/or product proofs as soon as possible to meet the delivery dates. If approvals are delayed, rush charges and/or expedited freight may be required at the customer’s expense to meet a specific delivery date. If a proof has been approved and sent to production and artwork changes are requested there will be a charge of $40.00(F) to have the order pulled from production and delays in delivery may occur. A copy of your artwork will be sent on your acknowledgment regardless of having received a proof.

Virtual Samples: A virtual sample can be requested by e-mailing virtualsampling@galaxyballoon.com. The art requirements above do apply. Issues with art will delay the virtual sample. Please note in the body of the e-mail which product, product color and ink color to expedite your request properly. Artwork must be re-submitted if the virtual sample becomes an actual order. We do not keep virtual samples on file. VIRTUAL SAMPLES ARE NOT PROOFS AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS PROOFS.

Halftones: All Sport Ball and Novelty products can print at a 133 lpi dot pattern. Balloon products can print in a 60 LPI dot pattern, except Sun Catchers, Foil Balloons & Backboards which print in a 35 LPI dot pattern. Vector artwork must be received to print the halftones at the proper percentage. Halftones are not recommended on small imprint areas or on textured products.

Multicolor Artwork: We must have vector art files for all pad printed multicolor designs. The proper PMS imprint colors should be part of the art file or clearly stated on the purchase order. Raster artwork may be used for full color process printing, but must be at least 300 DPI when art is at actual size.

Color Registration: Due to our printing process, each color will shift during production. No two products will print exactly alike. We can trap and overprint depending on the product and ink colors. Latex and Foil Balloons: Each color can shift up to 1/4” in any direction, at any angle. Backboards and Sun Catchers: Each color can shift up to 1/8” in any direction, at any angle. Pad Printed items: Each color can shift up to 1/8” in any direction, at any angle. Please refer to the attributes under each product to see color registration shifts.

Layout: Maximum imprint areas may vary and artwork sizes adjusted accordingly. Artwork layout affects imprint size & clarity. All artwork is set to max imprint size unless otherwise specified on the artwork or purchase order. Artwork will be printed as received and the layout will not be altered unless specific, detailed instructions are placed on the purchase order. Utilizing more of the imprint area will produce larger imprints.
Please see below as an example. See below for examples of how the layout can affect the utilization of the maximum imprint areas. Art templates are available for download at www.galacticline.com.
See Below: